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today9 décembre 2021

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What’s on in Uzege and Pont du Gard

Wed 30/11

Apparently this week is Japan week in the Occitanie region, and as part of this there’s a special exhibition and commentary about 2 Japanese etchings called “Dames de Toyokuni 111” which were produced in 1863. This is at the George Borias Museum at 4pm and is free entry, although you’ll need to book by phone or email

04 66 22 40 23

This is advance notice of a special fund raising event being held at the Uzès bowling alley which takes place next Wednesday 07 December. I’m bringing you advance notice as you’ll need to sign up before tomorrow, 01 December.

Terre des Enfants Uzege is raising funds for children in Madagascar with a bowling and tapas evening. If you’re interested there’ll be 2 sessions of bowling, either a lunch or drink of kir on arrival and a plate of tapas to share. Wine from the Domaine Chabrier is included in the entry fee of 30€ You’ll need to book in advance and can pay on the day.

06 38 62 14 83

06 70 04 85 11

Thursday 01/12

The first day of Advent, so open the windows on the calendars or burn the first day on the candle. Only 23 more shopping days to go.


The tea room, Chez Cerise, place Daumpartin hopes to entice you to a friendly encounter with Fabienne Beguerie for an event called Pause Naturo essentially offering you the chance to prepare your immune system for the winter! It starts at 4 30pm and you’ll need to book your place by phone

06 84 95 23 84

St Chaptes

RDV at 11 am for a singing workshop with Fabien Delplace at the studio Ravel Pro. Although open to all singers of all levels, you’ll need to book a place which will cost 20€. You’ll need to go to his FB pag, FabienDelplace Fab Solo

This is a little civic announcement – some of you may have heard that various villages have decided to introduce money saving initiatives such as turning off the street lights between 11pm and 6h30. Well, just so that you know, as of 1st December, Pougnadoresse have decided to adopt this measure, so if you’re out and about, just make sure you have a torch with you.

Friday 2/12

It’s time for the annual Téléthon which takes place across this weekend with thousands of fund raising events being organised nationally.

The Téléthon was created in 1987 by 2 fathers whose sons were suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It’s grown and grown and now combines nearly 30 hours of TV programmes on French TV together with thousands of fund raising events throughout France. Monies raised go towards research to fight diseases, particularly amongst children.

A few days after the event the total amount raised will be published. Last year Uzes raised 9200€, so the aim is to improve that amount this year. You’ll see plenty of publicity for events in your local area.

So in Uzès,

Friday evening is concert evening at the Salle Polyvalente with the group Les Olives Noires followed by a dance routine from the Mini Compagnie . The events start at 730pm and you can book your tickets , costing 10€,at the Tourist Office or on the door

St Q L Poterie

the social centre Pierre Mendes France has organised an evening called “Happy Dance” . It starts at 6 30pm in the salle polyvalente, where you can learn the famous, very popular “Madison” , Kuduro, even Tango. This is followed by a cold buffet at 7 30 and more dancing from 8 30pm Entry costs 10€, which includes your meal and a drink, 5€ of which will be donated to the Téléthon.


Nothing to do with the Telethon however, each 1st Friday of the month sees the Auberge Gardoise organizing an event called “VinDredis” It’s from 7 30 pm , costs 70€/pp and you can find out more info by phone or on line

04 66 72 72 72

St Chaptes

Has organised a demonstration of modern jazz by the group “Danse Attitude”, with profits being given to the Téléthon. It starts at 9pm in the Foyer, with a bar on site.


Are well into the fund raising spirit with a dance show at 6pm, and on going ping pong competition

Sat 3 December


The Esplanade is where the major fund raising events are taking place this weekend, with many “Associations” showcasing their activities and selling goodies and donated food stuffs to raise funds. The Fenestrelle club are even holding a “guess the weight of the ham joint”! Expect to find the AVF at the epi center as they’ve been instrumental in pulling together the majority of these events.

Between 0830 and 1pm, depending on any emergencies, you could have a ride up on the local Fire Brigade’s very long ladder, there’s music and dancing demonstrations, with Hip hop at 11 am.

You’ll find a watercolour lesson featuring snow scenes being organised at the Echoppe des Artistes. It runs from 3 30 until 5 30pm and costs 26€. You’ll need to visit their workshop in the Petite Bourgade to book a place.

In the late afternoon at 4pm, there’s a special Christmas concert at the Temple. Amongst the traditional favourites will be The First Noel and Ava Maria.

Vers Pont du Gard

Are holding their big belote (card game) competition at the Maison de la Pierre. This is taking place at 3pm with all profits going to the Téléthon. You’ll also be able to buy pastries and there’s also a tombola

Sanilhac and Sagries

Are holding an attic clearance sale, but specifically for children’s items, so only children’s toys, games, clothing and baby equipment will be on sale. It runs from 1pm until 6pm in the Foyer, place de la Mairie

St Chaptes’ fund raising events continue all day with the input from their different associations. I understand that the Manade du Gardon will be bringing their bulls to town for a bull running event, as well as a torch parade throughout the town at 7pm


There’s music with different bands and dancing throughout the day being staged in the Sablas zone with La Remorque and LM Churros food trucks to keep your energy levels up. There should also be a fire truck on site and you may even have a chance to have a go with a flame thrower ! The 2CV club will be on hand for some car rides


Again, numerous activities scheduled throughout the day including a football match between Arpaillargues and Ardennes at 08h30, table tennis competitions, a paella lunch, a creative workshop for children (at 4pm) with a second hand book sale, as well as hot crepes and mulled wine on sale.


The centre for their fund raising activity is actually in the hamlet of Audabiac where there’s a renovated bread oven which comes into service especially for this event. So at 08h00 there’s coffee and croissants followed by the sale of bread cooked in this special oven from 10am. There’s also a bike ride taking in the 4 bread ovens of Lussan and this will cost 5€ to enter. The bread oven will be baking bread and pizzas until 6pm.

St Laurent La Vernède

At Bâtir Vivant you’ll find Christine from the association “Patte d’araignée” on hand for a special Christmas session of making cosmetics to offer as gifts. Although designed as an all day event, you can decide to take part am or pm only. So in the morning you could create a solid shampoo, a face and lip moisturizer. A lunch break between 12 30 and 2pm to eat your byo and then in the afternoon a session on making some soap using olives, honey and bees wax, a hand cream, a lip balm and some massage oil.

The full day cost is 45€, am only 20€, pm only 30€ as well as the annual sub for the club. You’ll need to call to book your place

06 62 25 30 80


In St Hippolyte de Montaigu there’s a special workshop with Elo Déco to create a Christmas table decoration. It takes place from 2pm until 4pm and suitable for anyone 8+ . A special Christmas snack will be available. All materials will be supplied and it’ll cost 30€/pp. Places are limited, so do give them a call to see if there are still places available.

06 22 90 79 74


The Association Bâtir Vivant and the Etoile de Terre are running a bread making lesson called “Du grain au pain au levain” It’ll take place from 08h00 until 3pm at the Mas de Valus with Flavie, an artisan boulangère. You’ll have a visit to the farm, make some bread, some almond biscuits, cookies etc. The day will cost 60€ plus 10€ membership of the group if not already a member. You’ll need to book your place by phone

06 62 25 30 80

Sunday 4 December

There’s a big loto taking place in the Maison de la Pierre at Vers Pont du Gard. It starts at 3pm with all profits being given to the Téléthon. You can sign up by phone

06 47 27 65 13


The Parent pupil association called the “Minots” are holding their toy and games fair in the Salle des associations between 09h00 and 5pm . Drinks and light food on sale.


The Mairie of Uzes is hosting a “Geek Manga”day from 10h00 until 7pm with free entry. It’s the first of its kind, so expect plenty of video games, arcade games, with Mario, Just Dance . The creator of the “Le forêt de Pago” , Julien Chaudet will also be there to chat to . Youngsters can meet different authors, designers, artists, even buy film posters. There’s also a Lego creation measuring some 20m in length. L’Echoppe des Artists is running a Manga drawing competition, (split into 3 age catergories), so really a full on day. Here’s hoping for a really successful event which could then be repeated annually.


Are holding a Christmas concert with profits being given to the Téléthon. It starts at 3pm

St Siffret’s Christmas market takes place today in the Foyer Broche,

Collias is holding their Christmas market in the Mairie gardens

La Capelle and Masmolène have gathered a number of creative artists and artisans at the Cap’Mas, the café cum organic grocery store where they’ll be laying out their wares as well as offering a number of different workshops. The dish of the day will be whatever is at the market place, both veggie and traditional. Mulled wine and Christmas tea will be on offer throughout the day .Booking is advised if you want to take part in the workshops

Le Cap’Mas 06 29 82 66 56 or

04 34 04 19 90


Monday 05/12


There’s a new exhibition of Black and White photos called “Oh les filles” by Paul Gardès. It’s free entry between 10am and 5pm at Tiers Lieu, 21 Place aux Herbes

Tuesday 06/12


Mystères et chuchotments” is the title of the guided tour on offer with the Tourist Office. You’ll be taken around the historic centre where you’ll discover some of its mysterious past and secrets. It starts at 2 30pm and will cost 7€. You’ll need to book on line with the Tourist Office in Uzes.

Still in Uzès, this time at the Salle Polyvalente within the Evêché courtyard, where you’ll find a tea dance starting at 3pm. This is being organised by the Club the Fenestrelle and goes on until 6pm. No need to book just turn up on the door and your entry fee of 10€ includes a soft drink.

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