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today9 décembre 2021

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Monday 25/09
The MJC, together with the Café les Petites Mains is holding a vegetarian cookery
class between 10h00 and 2pm with the delicious results being shared and eaten by all
taking part. This will be with the chef, Marie
It’ll cost 10€ to take part, and you’ll need to sign up with the MJC or the Petites Mains
And just so that you know, there’s a new Oriental dance class being held each
Monday evening between 6 and 7pm with Leila Taamali
It’ll cost 215€ for the course of lessons and you can find out more on the MJC website
06 95 86 56 66


Tuesday 26/09
For those bird watchers amongst us, you may be interested in this next event called
“Avifaune de nos cours d’eau, entre ciel et rivière”.
I understand it’s all about the different migratory birds living along the river side, and
possible watching them take off for the warmer winter climes of Africa.
The actual rdv point will be given to you on signing up by phone or email – it’s free
06 23 30 26 55
St Victor des Oules
The ADAPR (whatever that is) is organizing a walk as part of the week of walks. This
time called “A l’assaut du Mont Aigu” so the assault of Mont Aigu.
It’s 13km long, taking 4h30 and termed as medium difficulty with a 230m incline.
Free, but you’ll need to sign up and don’t forget your picnic
06 34 3753 29


Wed 27/09
St Quentin La Poterie
As part of the week’s initiative to get everyone out and walking, the club the
Godillots is holding a 15km walk, lasting 5h30 and described as an intermediate level
with a 244m incline.
It’s free but you’ll need to sign up to take part. As always, don’t forget your picnic,
water and if needs be, a waterproof.
07 85 37 87 92
Is holding a beer festival on Sunday 01 October in the Foyer from 10h00 until
6pmwith 6 different micro breweries offering some interesting flavours.
The Irish rock band the Green Duck will be providing some festive music and the 2CV
club will be offering rides.
Beer and choucroute (which is a famous dish made principally with cabbage) are on
the menu, but you’ll need to book your lunch place by 28 September if you fancy
giving it go.
06 01 92 04 95
Serviers & Labaume
The travelling Ludotheque will be set up in the Foyer between 10 am and 12 noon.
It’s a chance to join in some general games and activities, free of charge, but you’ll
still need to book a place. A good way to get to know your neighbours !
In the afternoon it goes off to St Maximin
I’ve already spoken about this activity for parents and carers with children aged 4+,
but as a reminder each Wednesday there’s a workshop taking place in the room next
to the pool where you can join in with some family oriented activities for those little
Although it’s free, you will need to book your place, but a great chance to mix in with
others of a similar age.


It takes place between 2 30 and 5pm


Thurs 28/09
There’s a series of fund raising walks being organised in the vallée de l’Eure in aid of
research into different eye diseases. It’s called “Marche pour la vue”
There’s 3 different levels of walks being organised : 4,5 k, 7k and 9k.
The rdv point is the Vallée and entry costs 6€ or 15€ if you want to buy a T Shirt. The
gates open at 1 30pm and starting times for the walks from 2pm onwards. If you
want more info about the organization who are arranging this fund raiser, you can
contact them via email or via the web
If you haven’t already been to see the exhibition called “Morceaux choisis, César and
Chabaud” in the Ancien Evêché next to the Borias museum, then you may like to
take advantage of a guided tour with one of the museum’s curators.
It will be in French, but I’m pretty sure the curator could answer any questions you
may have in English. It starts at 6pm, and will cost 10€
The association or club called “Sports et Loisirs” runs regular Thursday evening
general games and activities sessions from 8 30pm until 10 30pm. Another good
opportunity for getting out and about and meeting those elusive neighbours !
It takes place in the salle socio educative communale.
Don’t forget that the What’s on goes out on the airwaves at 09h30 and 18h15 daily
and you can find the full week’s Whats on on the Radio Fuze website unde the tab


Friday 29/09
Some theatrical performances are easy to understand, even if your command of the
French language is limited. I believe this next event follows that theme.
There’s a festival called “37c à l’ombre” (37 in the shade) and it’s returning to the
Domaine de Malaïgue which provides a beautiful scenic backdrop.
Several different companies and regional artists will be coming together to perform
contemporary pieces as well as others accessible to younger audiences.
The festival runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday and there’s a dedicated website so you
can see what’s on and when.
This Friday and Saturday there’s an event called “Le Parlement des liens” being held
in the Ombrière theatre.
Essentially it’s a weekend long series of talks with interested parties and
professionals, workshops , roundtable discussions looking about this region’s future ,
what’s been achieved during the last year, how to cope with climate change and
health issues.
Entry is free, but if you are interested in attending, you’ll need to reserve your place
on the ombriere website.
Are taking a slight more festive view this weekend, with what I would call their fête
vôtive, but they’ve called it ”Revivre”.
However there’s plenty of family fun and activities throughout the 2 days, including
the regular bull runs through the streets, music, singing and dancing.
The regular food trucks will be set up outside the Planet. Take advantage of the
autumn evenings from 6 until 11pm.
Another walk organised as part of the week dedicated to walking, this time a walk
called “Chapelle Saint Pierre”. It’s classified as medium level, 3h30, 12k and 210
Don’t forget your picnic and water.
You’ll be given the starting time and actual rdv point when you sign up for your (free)
06 08 24 73 33

This evening that little creature the Bat is being celebrated, with a film being shown
in its honour called “ Une vie de grand Rhinolophe” or rather the life of a horseshoe
An interesting natural history film about its life,habitat etc. which is followed by a
walk outside to watch some of these acrobatic mammals flying around the Maison du
It takes place from 6 30 until 9 30 pm and deemed suitable for children aged 6+.
Although it’s free to attend, you will need to book your place
04 48 27 01 00
04 48 27 08 60
Vers Pont du Gard
The Grange in the centre of the village is hosting a concert with the band Doctor Bud
and Daddy Germain from 7pm onwards.
If you want to sit at a table, I advise getting there early


Sat 30/09
St Bonnet du gard
There’s a day long national walk initiative to raise funds for medical research into
diseases of the eyes.
In the Gard region it will start off at St Bonnet du Gard and the destination is the Pont
du Gard. Any profits as well as the entry fees will be given to the research efforts.
I don’t have any further details on how to take part.
St Laurent la Vernède
Bâtir Vivant is back this autumn and starts with a day of discovering the uses and
forms of raw clay. The workshop will run between 09h30 and 4 30pm. It’ll cost 60€ +
membership of the club. Bookings can be made by phone or via email
06 62 31 99 69
Montaren & St Mediers
There’s an afternoon of family games on offer, hosted by Simon Pins in the
A joint effort by the Ludothèque and Jeudothèque between 2 and 5pm you’ll find a
variety of games, such as an Escape game, retro gaming on Atari-Playstations-
Segamegadrive as well as table top and wooden board games.
Although free, you’ll still need to book a place
04 66 22 24 62
St Quentin La Poterie
Hélène Pierquet from the art gallery Atelier/Galerie LN will be in the mediathèque
from 09h30 to take a jewelry making session.
It’s free to attend, but you’ll need to book your place by phone
04 28 70 13 34
La Capelle & Masmolène
The club called Pantragnas is holding their “vide grenier” in the Place de l’Eglise all
day to day.
There’s a petanque competition at 3 30pm and in the evening a concert with the
Little Band at 8pm
Is joining in with this weekend dedicated to discussions and activities around climate
change and how it affects not only our climate but our agriculture.

As such they’ve decided to support local producers with a farmers type market,
different events and a peasant’s meal which they proudly announce does not require
any rubbish. Entry is free.


Sund 1 st October
Is holding a beer festival in the Foyer from 10h00 until 6pm with 6 different micro
breweries offering some interesting flavours.
The Irish rock band “the Green Duck” will be providing some festive music and the
2CV club will be offering rides.
Beer and choucroute (which is a famous dish made principally with cabbage) are on
the menu, but you’ll need to have booked your lunch place by 28 September if you
fancy giving it go.
06 01 92 04 95
The club “soirées de Blauzac” is organizing an exceptional evening of jazz on Friday
03 November.
The “Rooftop barbershop” is a much admired Parisien group and are set to regale
you with their renditions of new Orleans jazz songs as well as swing from the 20’s and
30’s. Expect some singing along the likes of the Andrews Sisters or the Mills brothers.
Tickets will cost 15€ per person and are on sale now. You can find out more by going
to their website
There’s a garage/jumble sale being held all day today. Food and drink on sale on site.
The APE or parent pupil association is holding their jumble sale today in the Foyer
Food and drink on sale on site
Garrigues Saint Eulalie
Continuing with the week dedicated to walking, there’s a walk being organised
around the Mont Bouquet.
It’s classified as medium level, 16k, 6hours and with a 550m incline.
Although free, you’ll need to sign up to take part at which time you’ll be given the
time and rdv point. Don’t forget your pic nic and water!
06 14 35 84 94
Vide grenier today throughout the village

Today in the Place aux Herbes you’ll find a wide variety of artists, photographers,
sculpteurs etc in what’s called “Journée des Arts”. There’s a children’s workshop in
the afternoon between 2 and 5pm
And today is the day for the Crazy cross event for which I gave you advance notice
last week.
Essentially it’s an obstacle race being set up in the Vallée de l’Eure which you must
compete within 6o minutes.
There’s also loads of games, water games and music.
It starts at 11h00 in the morning. However places are limited so you’ll need to go to
the Run Evasion Chrono website for more details.
The “fête des Possibles” is holding a climate change day today between 2pm and
9pm. On the programme will be workshops, round table discussions, stands, demos,
music in the evening with food trucks on site.
St Quentin La Poterie
Each Sunday evening from 7pm onwards there’s an open mike event for singers and
musicians taking place in the little cheese shop called “La Petite Souris”. Of course
you’ll wish to enjoy some delicious food, cheese, charcuterie and local wine whilst
being entertained.
If you have a youngster aged between 14 and 19 who’s interested in choreography or
modern or street dance, then this next item could be of interest.
The Maison Danse will be holding workshops, open to all levels, even total beginners,
across 8 Sundays and this will be with Valentine Nagata Ramos.
The sessions will be taking place between 11h00 and 1pm, then 2 until 5pm starting
Sunday 15 October, and the last will be Sunday 26 May.
You will need to sign up before 06 October and there’s a telephone number and
website for more info and bookings
04 66 03 63 30


Monday 02/10 2023
Each first Monday of the month, the Capitol cinema holds a showing of a surprise
film. No advance info, but there’s usually a before event surprise as well.
It starts at 8 30pm and tickets cost 6€..
And advance advance notice of a concert in in Blauzac on 03 November for this the
the ticket office opens today
The Club the Soirées de Blauzac has invited the Rooftop Barbershop to regale
audiences in the foyer with their French repertoire taking in jazz new Orleans style
as well as swing numbers from the 20’s and 30’s
More info and bookings via their dedicated website.
Don’t forget, if you’ve got an event coming up that you’d like us to putout on the
airwaves, just drop us an email at with at least 1 week’s notice
and we’ll do our best to include it.
Check out the full week’sWO on the radio fuze website.


Tues 03/10
If you’re looking to join a singing group, then you may be interested to know that the
club “A tout Coeur” in Aramon holds weekly evening sessions for adults.
They take place each Monday in the Salle Topaze between 7 30 and 9 30 pm. It’ll cost
you 150€ + 15€ pa membership to sing your heart out.
There’s a phone number and email address if you’d like more info
Check out the WO on the Radio Fuze website for the details
06 60 92 81 70
There’s also a choral group in Castillon du Gard called “Rien q’un choeur” for adults
on Thursdays between 8 and 10pm and children on Fridays between 5 30 and 7pm.
You can call Josiane Vian for more info
06 19 93 30 96
And there’s Kung Fu in the Foyer at La Bruguière each Thursday evening from 6 30
untl 8pm.
Classes are mixed and adapted to everyone’s individual ability.
You can give them a call or check out their website for more info
07 68 74 18 89

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