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What’s On du 29 au 04 avril

today9 décembre 2021

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What’s on in Uzes and Pont du Gard

Wed 29 March


Spring has definitely arrived in the region, and with it comes a clay modeling series of workshops. This is led by Ghislaine de Rougé and will take place each Wednesday between 2 and 4pm. The clay itself is included in the session price as is using the firing furnace. It’ll cost between 30 and 40€. You’ll need to call for the precise details at which time the workshop address will be given to you.

06 12 19 62 06


The Tourist Office is running a guided tour on a voyage of discovery of some of the ancient and not so ancient Christian religious sites. It’s from 2 until 5pm and will cost 7€. Bookings by phone or on line

04 66 22 68 88


The mediathèque is hosting an afternoon of family games, intended to help the development of the child’s psychomotor skills. Entry is free but if you want more info, then do give them a call or send an email

04 66 37 67 67

Thursday 30 March


Family Activities and games intended to help the development of your child’s motor skills are on offer at the médiathèque from 4 30pm. Entry is free but if you’d like more info you can call or end an email

04 66 37 67 67

Friday 31st March

Sanilhac & Sagriès

The Reserve naturelle régionale des Gorges du Gardon is running another of their popular evening events called “Frequence Grenouille” So between 7pm and 11pm you can take part in a walk to discover the optimum ecosystem for the frogs’ living arrangements ! It’s free to take part, but you will need to sign up by email or phone at which time you’ll be given more precise joining instructions.

06 27 03 30 84


There’s an evening of Baroque music and singing with works by Marc Antoine Charpentier on the programme. It will start at 7pm in the Eglise Notre Dame de Malpas with seats costing 12€. You can book your place by phone

07 86 65 62 77

Saturday 01 April

Look out for that Poisson d’Avril or April Fool’s Day joke

This month sees the 19th Avril en Balade, or April Walks for all amateurs who enjoy getting out and about walking in the fresh air. There are some 40 different walks on offer throughout the month which are jointly organised by different tourist offices in partnership with the TO Destination Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard. All walks are free, so to give you an idea,

1st April:

Concluses de Lussan

Vestiges of the Aqueduc in the woods of the Pont du Gard

Botannical discovery with the Amis du Patrimoine de Collais

Discovery of Collias.

You will need to book your place with the Pont du Gard tourist office at which point the actual meeting point and times will be given to you. You can book up up to 3pm the previous day and of course, come properly equipped with a bottle ofwater.


St Quentin La Poterie

The gallery “La Petite monnaie” is hosting an exhibition of watercolours and other media by Sylvie Basset and Nanou Navarro on the theme fragility. The opening night will be at 6pm and the exhibition is open until 09 April daily between 2 and 7pm and outside of those times by appointment

06 42 58 94 18

St Quentin is also taking part in the Journées Européens des Metiers d’art, which is a national and European celebration of the world of art. This Saturday and Sunday there’ll be some 40 artists, sculpteurs, creative of different media present with exhibitions, demos, workshops and actual hands on workshops between 10 am and 6pm. If you want to find out more info, then you can log onto the website


There’s a guided walk to discover some of the remains of the famous acquaduct in and around the woods of the Pont du Gard. This is part of the “Avril en balade” initiative. You can get more info via the Tourist office as well as RDV details.


There are 2 walks on offer here, organised by the Amis du Patrimoine as part of the April walks, the first is to discover and learn more about botanical plants and the second is to find out more about this village itself. You can find out more info by checking out the overall website.

Sunday 02 April


There’s a concert of Baroque music by Marc Antoine Charpentier starting at 5pm in the Chapelle St Amand. The baton is under the hand of Gabriel Garrido.Seats cost 12€ and you can book your place by phone

07 86 65 62 77


Delphne Dejean is a Master artisan book binder and her workshop (Le livre dans la peau) is being opened up so that you can see her at work. This event is part of the Journées Européennes des métiers d’art. You can find out more details by giving her a call or sending her an email

06 26 90 49 66

Get on down to the Carrefour parking lot today for the huge all day long Bric a brac event being organised by Tous Ensemble Autour de l’Uzege. This is a fund raising event to help with medical treatment for a young Uzetien girl, Hermance. On site there’ll be plenty of stalls selling all types of attic clearance stuff as well as more professional stalls, food, drink, face paiting, music, bouncy castle and on and on. So plenty to do and see all in a good cause.


Monday 03 April

Check out the Radio Fuze website if you’d like to find out what programmes are on, you can also listen to a podcast if you’ve missed out on hearing about the history of Jazz, or some beautiful classical music or some hip hop

Tuesday 04 April

Now this is a call for volunteers for an outdoor art exhibition which will take place in St Siffret at the end of July. It seems a long way off, but there’s quite a lot of organization required. What happens is that gardens, courtyards and other unsuspecting places in the village of St Siffret will become art galleries for the 2 days. So not only does this require organizing, but it needs contributions and ideas. If you’re interested, then give them a call or send them an email

06 64 31 38 38

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